In 1952 the Ontario Ladies Auxiliary was formed with seven charter members. These charter members were all firefighter’s wives and they were:

- Phyllis Benedict (1st President)
- Irene Cone (Secretary)
- Shirley Abbott
- Gladys Cone
- Jackie Johnson
- Lauretta Stevens
- Louise White

There are currently 22 active and lifetime members in the organization now known as the Ontario Fireman’s Auxiliary.

The Fireman’s Auxiliary provides assistance and support to the Ontario Fire Company whenever the need arises. They respond to alarms any time of the day or night to provide firefighters with whatever supplies or assistance they may need. In addition to response functions, the auxiliary also participates in fire company events such as "Children’s Christmas Party", the Turkey Party, and other fundraising events.

The Fireman's Auxiliary presently meets every 3rd Thursday of the Month at 7:00PM. The meetings are held at the Ontario Fire Company, 6160 Walter Cone Drive.

President - Brenda Prinsen
V President - Jayne Verschage
Secretary - Tammy McIntosh
Treasurer - Shannon Arena

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Fireman’s Auxiliary, please contact the Auxiliary President at 315-524-2661 or email